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WA Coast Road Trip

Is Seabrook, WA your road trip destination? Seabrook is a new beach town on the Washington Coast. North Beach to be exact, recently named the Hidden Coast Scenic Byway. It is a place to saunter on a big sandy beach and explore new forest paths. Endless possibilites for your road trip give you the entire Olympic Peninsula. HWY101 roads to Seabrook, WA come from Forks to the north or Aberdeen to the south. At Aberdeen/Hoquiam, Ocean Beaches Road, and Tahola you cut over to SR109 to travel on the Hidden Coast.

Seabrook Skyline

Follow the red line [MAP] to find Daydream Cottage at Seabrook, WA.

Daydream Cottage on Lily Lane at Seabrook welcomes guests in parties of 1 – 6. No pets, thank you. You will find plenty of space and material to have a creative retreat, and that is the purpose of the space for all ages. [BOOK NOW]

Seabrook WA Map


2 bdr. 1.5 bath. Sleeps 1-6.
Room to work / play / create.
The red roof on Lily Lane!

Seabrook, WA is one mile south of Pacific Beach, WA in the neighborhood of Moclips and Copalis Crossing. This country has long been occupied by Native Americans, including the Quileute and the Quinault Nations. This was a thriving economy in the days of logging. Mill 109 Restaurant & Pub has photos and ephemera. Visit the Museum of the North Beach in Moclips to learn more about the Hidden Coast that attracts beach loving pioneers, nature lovers, and adventurers. The possibilities are limitless for a short or extended road trip.

Of course the beach is the main attraction: To The Beach! Meet a resident from early last century Norah Berg in her book Lady at the Beach.

Daydream Cottage is in walking distance to the beach via the forested gnome trail and through the neighborhoods of Seabrook. It’s a walkable town! Seabrook is designed for walking, porch sitting, and a friendly, neighborly lifestyle.



Take Interstate 5 south toward Olympia, WA. At Exit 104, go West. Stay right if you want to stop at Haggen or Trader Joe’s at the Black Lake Blvd. exit. Going West, always follow signs for ‘Ocean Beaches.’ Go West to Aberdeen. HWY 8 turns into HWY 12. Aberdeen has Top Foods and Safeway on the main roads. At Aberdeen, you have two choices: the inland route locals swear by as faster (HWY 101), or the coastal route (SR109) which is the gorgeous Pacific Ocean scenery you came for. It’s nice to eventually get to know both routes.

Go North via SR109 (the coast) or HWY 101 (inland). Seabrook is on SR109. This road is more winding, but it is on the coast most of the way. If you go SR109, try to hit Lytle Seafoods for the freshest salmon, oysters, crab and whatever is being caught. It is super fresh.

If you take HWY 101, the drive is 21 miles. Turn West at Ocean Beaches Road. About half-way, at Copalis Crossing, you have Voss Acres Produce Market. There is a farm. Continue on Ocean Beaches Road. At Joe Creek, Pacific Beach [cross street] SR109, take a left at Pacific Beach. Go one mile to Seabrook.

Get yourself to the Olympic Peninsula via Port Angeles Ferry from Victoria BC, Kingston Ferry from Edmonds, or Bremerton Ferry from Seattle. Proceed via HWY 101 which is actually a loop around the Olympic Peninsula. Check on WA State Ferry Maps and Schedules.

Seattle, WA – 138 mi
Bremerton, WA (Seattle Ferry) – 110 mi (60 minute crossing time)
Kingston, WA (Edmonds Ferry) – 134 mi (30 minute crossing time)
SeaTac International Airport – 125 mi
Port Angeles, WA (Victoria, BC Ferry) – 161 mi (90 minute crossing time)
Forks, WA – 106 mi
Ruby Beach / Kalaloch – 70 mi / 62 mi
Sequim, WA – 179 mi by US-101 W (west side, Olympic Peninsula)
Sequim, WA – 157 mi by US-101 E (east side, Olympic Peninsula)
Portland, OR – 172 mi
Vancouver, BC – 448 km



[[What’s a vacay without a SLIDE SHOW?]]

2 bdr. 1.5 bath. Sleeps 1-6.
Room to work / play / create.
The red roof on Lily Lane!