To The Beach!

Seabrook, WA sits on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The beach is wide and sandy, perfect for flying kites, building sand castles, and taking long walks. Some visitors get creative with driftwood, building forts and structures. In this ‘land of six rivers’ at the edge of the Quinault Rain Rorest, you see many creeks flowing out from the land to the sea. These local creeks are Joe Creek in Pacific Beach, WA and Elk Creek at Seabrook. Get a tide table at the Seabrook Cottage Rentals desk if you want to plan a very long walk. Bring your guitar?

Guitarist on the beach in June.

Daydream Cottage at Seabrook beach house rental includes 2 beach chairs, towels, books, & picnic carrier. This happy souvenir was a day-long beach excursion with thermos of coffee in July.

May Day marks ‘walking barefoot in the sand’ season.

Clamming – A Cultural Culinary Phenom

Clamming seasons go fall through spring. Check approved dates, and look for ‘Mocrocks’ on the map, the clamfield at Seabrook. Check on clamming equipment rentals and clamming license at the Front Street Market. Not into clamming? It is also a great photo opp!

Clamming Season is Fall through Spring

Family time lolling in the surf in March!

Gnome Trail to the Beach

Your quickest, most scenic path to the beach from Daydream Cottage is via the Gnome Trail. Exit Lily Lane and turn left. Take the trail into the woods next to the Walk-Through Stump.

Daydream Cottage is a 5-minute walk to Seabrook Town Hall via Compass and Blackberry Streets, or 23 minutes via Gnome Trail and beach path. To get to town, take a right when you get to the beach. Walk back up the hill via your choice of two sets of stairs. The first one you encounter leads to Town Merchants. The second set of stairs arrives at the Northwest Glen Esplanade, in Seabrook’s oceanfront neighborhood featuring the Sunset Idea Houses and the Coastal Living Ultimate Beach House.  If you get sidetracked, the walk will take longer. ;^)


Emerge from the forest trail to face the Pacific Ocean!

Sunset in November

Birds in December

Winter Storm Watch!

Seagulls and chickadees in October


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