Tea Time in the Kitchen

The Daydream Cottage kitchen invites you to relax. Guests will find a selection of herbal and black teas at Daydream Cottage along with an electric hot water kettle to quickly boil water. The tea kettle on the stove serves as a back up for cooks who prefer to hear the whistle signal tea time. Find plenty of ice in the freezer to make iced tea, along with a large red pitcher. Sugar is in the cupboard. Coffee is also an option as long as you bring your own coffee beans or ground. Front Street Market has you covered if you need to stock up on ingredients. Find basket coffeemaker filters, powdered creamer, and sugar in the cupboard.

Do you love to cook?

Find various herbs and spices in the kitchen cupboard to flavor your gourmet creations . Pick fresh herbs in the garden: sage, thyme, chives, oregano, and parsley. For a simple fresh herb recipe idea, pick a few sprigs of herbs, remove their stems, rinse, and slice leaves thin. Heat a little olive oil in a pan and saute the herbs. Add to scrambled eggs, a green salad,  a chicken or tofu sauté. Bon Appétit! Enjoy.


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