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Seabrook, WA Cottage Rentals offers you and your party accommodations for every size of group, family, and solo traveller, including homes accommodating private rooms, shared rooms, whole-home settings, gathering spaces, and a Town Hall ringing noon and five pm bells. Parks, games, and swings beckon for bonding and team building. Many people tie the knot at Seabrook, WA: on the beach, on the bluff, in the Town Hall, in the park, and maybe even in the forest.

Seabrook’s Town Hall building is a new and impressive civic building on the north coast.  Meeting planners love the full commercial kitchen and secondary meeting space on the basement level. This stately building invites a wide array of events at the beach at Seabrook, WA. Organize your business retreats, weddings, family reunions, plays, and movies.

Daydream Cottage is a home in Seabrook, WA’s Lily Walk neighborhood. It is a short walk to the Town Hall and Crescent Park where many events are held. Events on the bluff are a short walk past Seabrook Town Center. [MAP]

The Hidden Coast, North Beach

The Hidden Coast Scenic Byway invites you to explore nature and history on your beach-themed road trip from Hoquiam to Taholah.

Seabrook, WA is one mile south of Pacific Beach in the neighborhood of Moclips and Copalis Crossing. This country has long been occupied by Native Americans, particularly the Quileute and the Quinault Nations.  Mill 109 Restaurant & Pub has great photos and ephemera from the days when the area was a thriving logging economy. Visit the Museum of the North Beach in Moclips to learn more about the Hidden Coast that attracts beach loving pioneers, nature lovers, and adventurers. Find limitless possibilities for a short or extended road trip.

Of course the beach is the main attraction: To The Beach! Meet a resident from early last century Norah Berg in her book Lady at the Beach.

Seabrook, WA • Walkable Town

Walk to the beach from Daydream Cottage via the forested gnome trail and through the neighborhoods of Seabrook. It’s a walkable town! Plan on experiencing a vacation of walking, porch sitting, and a friendly, neighborly lifestyle at Seabrook, WA.

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