Savor Seabrook this Spring

Spring has been downright elusive in Washington State this year. We have already had all weather at the beach: gorgeous days, blue sky moments, torrential hail, and a lot of rain. It has been warm. It has been cold. The best plan is to seize the moment! Spring will be unpredictable and full of lovely surprises.

Savor Saturday Daffodil Parade

Seabrook’s Daffodil Festival launches the Spring events season. The Daffodil Parade 2018 was a big thrill. We got to see the Hoquiam Grizzlies begin their season as an award-winning high school marching band. This year, the band marched through Seabrook, accompanied by most all of Seabrook’s occupants. We enjoyed blue skies and fluffy clouds after Friday’s many bouts of hail. The Grizzlies then performed music and drill in Crescent Park. Go Grizzlies!

Savor Youth Leadership in the Arts

Savor Seabrook on Saturday, May 5!

Complement your beach walks and forest hikes with community fun. Get inspired for a retreat at the beach with Seabrook’s Events Calendar. Looking forward to Saturday Markets featuring local artisans beginning June 30 through September. Head for the beach, too! This awesome and dramatic shot was taken between bouts of hail.

Savor Spring’s Rhythms of Nature

Savor Daydream Cottage Views

Just look out the window. Weather can be a mesmerizing way to reconnect with the rhythms of nature. Become a fan of weather TV. This hail provided no end of amusement, viewed from the comfy indoors of Daydream Cottage.



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