You want eerie? Try Olympic Forests in the rain. 10/31

Happy Halloween from Olympic Forests

The tender forests south of Forks and said Vampires of the Pacific Northwest are documented through book and film. Fan fiction is plentiful. The place is real and the Twilight story deserves your attention.

Amongst the evergreens whilst tripping over roots, I have felt the eerie presence of sprites and essences to be sure. A glimpse of someone just behind a wisp of fog or a huckleberry branch or salal in the Olympic Forest makes you jump. It might have been a small bird. The legend of Twilight comes to mind. You trip over roots. You set your gaze on the towering canopy of evergreen branches. Human-sized limbs catch your furtive attention.

“The Quileute people have found themselves thrust into the global spotlight. In collaboration with the Quileute Tribe, this site seeks to inform Twilight fans, parents, teachers, and others about the real Quileute culture. It has a wolf origin story, a historic relationship with the wolf as demonstrated in songs, stories, and various art forms, as well as a modern, multi-dimensional community with a sophisticated governance system. We also hope to offer a counter narrative to The Twilight Saga’s stereotypical representations of race, class, and gender. We also offer resources for a more meaningful understanding of Native American life and cultures.”


Learn the real story.