Bedroom with Forest View

Daydream Cottage at Seabrook is a two story home looking over East Alder Park and miles of forest beyond from the Queen bedroom upstairs, a bedroom with forest view. Equally exciting, it is also a room of coastal skies.

Bedroom with Forest View

Wake up, open the blinds, get back in bed with your book, and still be part of the beach weather — as a cozy observer. Clouds come in on weather systems from the Pacific Ocean.  You can also set up your desk or card cames at the table in the room to enjoy the view on Lily Walk while you work or play. The Queen bedroom with forest view will give you plenty to look at, gazing east from the south-facing queen bedroom.

Clouds in September with a Smudge of Migrating Geese

Room to Write/Play/Create

Daydream Cottage is a creative retreat at the beach. Its mission is to give you space to do something new, perhaps a writing project? Here is an idea for Fast Fiction. Take it on for 15-20 minutes and see what you come up with. Choose any book in the house. Put your phone on timer mode for 5 minutes. Open the book to any page and blindly place your finger on a word. Write the word down, and start the timer. Write for 5 minutes without stopping. Give yourself a character, write a rant, create a poem, just write. Create 3 or 4 Fast Fictions all in a row without reading what you wrote. Suspend all judgement. Want another writing idea? Give yourself 5 minutes on the timer and follow this promt:  Write about your day with no judgement, no qualifiers, no opinion.  Notice non-judgement. Have fun.


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