Fresh Forest Air and Sea Breezes

Beach House Rental

Garden meditation chairs are a must for this beach house rental. Daydream Cottage offers a windbreak and new perspective down the stairs from the south-facing deck. Hear the surf ‘n birds and bees first hand.

Bunnies and deer and bees. Oh My! Show yourself and the children some nature!

Forest views from the south-facing deck are stunning. If you wake up at dawn and the sun is beaming in, consider getting up. Nature presents special moments all the time and none of the time. It is a slow life at the beach.

Do you like to cook?

Relax in Side Garden Seating along with the birds and bees. This garden path offers the fresh herbs you can enjoy as the chef of the house. Pick fresh herbs in the garden: sage, thyme, chives, oregano, and parsley. For a simple fresh herb recipe idea, pick a few sprigs of herbs, remove their stems, rinse, and slice leaves thin. Heat a little olive oil in a pan and saute the herbs. Add to scrambled eggs, a green salad,  a chicken or tofu sauté. Bon Appétit! Enjoy.

Cover chairs with a beach towel. Bring beach towels in at night.

Forested walk from the Gnome Trail to the beach.


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