Discovering New Paths • Beach Blog 10/17

New paths are the spice of life whether you are driving to/from work or having a creative retreat in a new WA Coast beach town. You know you are in a rut when you take the same path every time. Why not mix it up? You might find a garden tended by gnomes in your own backyard.

When you stay at Daydream Cottage at Seabrook, you live at the edge of land on the Pacific Ocean. This very mid-October morning, seafaring rain battered the bedroom windows starting at 4:30am. By 8am the skies were pure blue with no rain again all day. Today mist hung over the beach past the forest skyline. Inland at our Lily Lane micro-climate, we had blue skies and sunny heat pouring in through the south-facing windows at Daydream Cottage: perfect for a creative retreat.

After maximum use of wi-fi, reading pillows, and writing desk for all of my project details amid breezes from the open windows and the distant echo of the crashing ocean waves, I wanted to walk. The skies held no rain. When there is rain, 3pm is often an opening where rainbows appear. Sometimes you need outerwear. Today I wore shorts and iced my feet in the Pacific Ocean alternating with sand walking. Beach walks are physical therapy. New paths give you a new neural route.

Let’s Walk

Creative Retreat at the Beach

You never need take the same path leaving Daydream Cottage or on your return.  Seabrook is built for exploring. Find all of the possibilities to explore on each successive visit. Here I share this new discovery of a forest path. The Conservation Area is real. It is Elk Creek.

Farm District To and Fro

Turn left exiting the front gate.

New Paths to the Pea Patch

Walk to the fork in the path on Lily Walk at Captain’s Quarters, and take the fork on the left. In a few steps, enter here:

Take a Walk

It will do you good.


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