Big Sandy Beach

Hit the Beach on Foot or by Bike

Hit the beach on foot or by bike. The big sandy beach is perfect for riding fat tire bikes and for getting in a few miles of walking in sand every day. Need a bike? Check out Buck’s Bikes‘ sea sport and bike rentals. Buck’s Bikes offers excursions, too, like mountain bike trail rides at Seabrook and kayak tours up the Copalis River. You can even ride through the forest trail on a fat tire bike to the beach! Buck’s Bikes is on Front Street at Seabrook.

Descend to the beach by way of the Gnome Trail, the Elk Glen promenade, or the main Seabrook staircase. Head north to Joe Creek where pilings from an ancient pier stand tall. Joe Creek lies between you and Pacific Beach. You can wade across Joe Creek when water levels and the tides are low.

Tandem Bikes for Touring the Town

You might prefer riding a tandem bike with your sweetheart to explore the town. Founder Casey Roloff describes the Seabrook neighborhoods as ‘a suite of rooms,’ and indeed each has its own unique pocket garden to discover. You can ride through the streets and alleys for hours from the bluff to the Farm District down through Madison and over to the Mill District. Daydream Cottage is in the Lily Walk neighborhood where Lily Lane loops around the neighborhood park with Land of the Giants picnic table, lawn and firepit.

Joe Creek pilings hint at bygone days on the north beach. Pacific Beach was once a thriving mill town with grocers, hairdressers, and all the services a large community requires. Some businesses are still lively, including a gas station with all sorts of sundries and a ‘secret’ wine bar down the street.

Walk south to Elk Creek which is the border between Seabrook’s beach and the Sandpiper.

To The Beach!


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